En Baños de Ebro( Rioja Alavesa), el saber hacer buen vino se transmite de generación en generación. Los hermanos Berzal cultivan con pasión el legado vinícola familiar con más de un siglo de historia.



“Las Laderas de José Luis”, one of the first wines on the market to be registered as a “Singular Vineyard”.


“Las Laderas de José Luis”, one of the first wines on the market to be registered as a “Singular Vineyard”.

“Las Laderas de José Luis” 2017 (vintage “Muy Buena”) is one of the first wines to be released on the market catalogued as “singular vineyard” by the DOCa Rioja.

Bodegas Dominio de Berzal is launching one of the first wines to be marketed under the “Singular Vineyard” category, an “artisanal” wine, a very limited production of 1,930 bottles. In order to transmit its essence, they have told their story in short real stories, based on their childhood experiences, walking through the vineyards that at the time they felt were special, but they could never have imagined how much.

“Las Laderas de José Luis” comes from a plot that has belonged to the Berzal family since time immemorial. Privileged by its soil, structure, altitude and orientation, it provides the Tempranillo grapes of its vines with exceptional conditions.

Its name is a tribute to the father of the three brothers who founded the winery (José Luis, Juan Mari and Iñigo Berzal). José Luis Berzal Martínez was a visionary, daring and hard-working man who was determined to work an estate that others did not want to work because it was cobbled, yielded little and was very steep. It was called “Las Escaleras”, because of its steep slopes. With a lot of effort and sacrifice he managed to work it until it became a high quality vineyard. A special vineyard that after two years of accreditations was awarded the category of “Singular Vineyard”.

They also wanted the packaging to be exceptional, from the bottle, to the hand-numbered labelling, the innovative sealing and a black and white image reflecting part of the Berzal family.


According to the regulations of the DOCa Rioja Control Board, a “Singular Vineyard” consists of “a spot or rural site with its own agro-geological and climatological characteristics that differentiate and distinguish it from others in its surroundings, from which wines with unique features and qualities are obtained”. A stratification of the most special plots in Rioja, with differential characteristics of each vineyard and maximum quality.

In order to obtain this certificate, several requirements must be met. Among them: the grapes must come exclusively from the selected plots, the vineyard must be more than 35 years old, its production per hectare must not exceed 5,000 kg/ha and the wines made from its grapes must be subjected to a double qualitative evaluation, obtaining a result of “excellent” (more than 93 points) in the organoleptic analysis carried out in accordance with the Technical Verification Instruction of the “Singular Vineyard”.

Rated by Tim Atkin with 95 points, “Las Laderas de José Luis” is based on a philosophy of sustainable agriculture and care for the environment, seeking balance in the vineyard, with limited vigour. The objective with its cultivation is to produce wines of the highest quality while respecting the essence of the terroir. 100% Tempranillo grapes, selected and harvested by hand, are used for its production.

The grapes are manually destemmed, berry by berry, fermentation and subsequent ageing (for approximately eight months) is carried out partly in 500-litre oak barrels and partly in concrete tanks. The winemaking, ageing, bottling and storage of the wine is carried out in the winery itself.

Intense cherry red in colour, with a powerful aroma on the nose. Red fruit (red cherry, pomegranate and cassis) envelops the glass, bathed in an elegant touch of roasted coffee. Fresh and sweet on the palate. Juicy tannins of red fruit such as picota cherries and pomegranate.