En Baños de Ebro( Rioja Alavesa), el saber hacer buen vino se transmite de generación en generación. Los hermanos Berzal cultivan con pasión el legado vinícola familiar con más de un siglo de historia.


The MEMORY of tradition …

Rioja Alavesa viñedo
Dominio Berzal foto antigua

With the soul on EARTH and respect for LEGACY and INNOVATION without losing identity.

In Baños de Ebro in Rioja Alavesa, the know-how to make good wine is transmitted from generation to generation, the Berzal brothers passionately cultivate the family wine-making legacy with more than a century of history.

… The root of our VALUES and IDENTITY.


We adapt to the present guided by our main engine, PASSION for what we do and our respect for the essence of the terroir.


We grow adapting to INNOVATION offering a future and optimal production with wines that reflect current and quality.

Combining HEART AND CREATIVITY runs in the family

Iñigo Berzal

José Luis Berzal

Juan Mari Berzal

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The refuge where change begins and wine rests.
The place where the dreams that we bottle rest when they are ready to start flying.