En Baños de Ebro( Rioja Alavesa), el saber hacer buen vino se transmite de generación en generación. Los hermanos Berzal cultivan con pasión el legado vinícola familiar con más de un siglo de historia.



“Veraison is one of the most important processes in the vine cycle”.

“Veraison is one of the most important processes in the vine cycle”.

During the summer, the vineyard experiences one of the most beautiful and crucial moments in its cycle: veraison. A process by which the grapes change colour from green to red, blue or violet.

Apart from this beautiful picture, veraison is also one of the most important processes in the vine cycle. During veraison, the plant uses more resources: the grape berries increase in size, the water level inside the berry increases, the sugars rise and the acidity drops.

“If the vine plant does not have sufficient reserves for veraison, the grapes may not ripen correctly. That is why the moment at which veraison takes place is also important”, explains Íñigo Berzal.

What factor precipitates veraison? Undoubtedly, heat. If temperatures are very high, veraison is brought forward. And not only that, but it can also cause some plants to have problems to finish it successfully. For example, vines with a high production can be damaged.

“During veraison, a process that usually lasts between 12 and 15 days, we go out into the field to monitor how it evolves and that it is as homogeneous as possible. One of the tasks we have to carry out is to regulate the load on the vines, removing grapes where there is an excess and even, in hot summers, irrigating some plots that are suffering from drought and may not finish veraison”, Íñigo explains.

However, veraison not only influences the ripening of the grapes, but can also have consequences on the date of harvest. An early or late veraison can lead to a change in the start of the grape harvest. However, in viticulture there are no universal rules, and if the week before the harvest is very cold or very hot, the start of the harvest will also change.

“So far, the veraison in the vineyards of Bodegas Dominio de Berzal has come at the right time and our vines are developing favourably,” he concludes.

Next season: harvest.