En Baños de Ebro( Rioja Alavesa), el saber hacer buen vino se transmite de generación en generación. Los hermanos Berzal cultivan con pasión el legado vinícola familiar con más de un siglo de historia.



A perfect Christmas menu with Dominio de Berzal


A perfect Christmas menu with Dominio de Berzal

At Christmas dinners and lunches, every detail counts. That is why, when it comes to preparing your menu for the upcoming holidays, we propose a series of wines from our cellar that will harmonise perfectly with the most popular dishes. Because we believe that there is nothing more important than family, what better proposal than to sit together around the table to share food, conversation and anecdotes with a good wine.

Once all the guests have gathered, it’s time to sit down at the table and start with the starters: cheese, mushrooms, duck… For this first moment, we have chosen our single varietal Graciano. With this rare and singular grape we also make a singular wine, with a limited production of 1,500 bottles per year. Graciano is a demanding variety that requires meticulous work in the vineyard to obtain an excellent result, ideal for gala evenings such as these.

If you choose this wine to start the celebration, take notes from its tasting notes: as for its colour, it is an intense cherry red with a high robe, with a very youthful and lively rim.
lively. On the nose, without moving the glass, there are hints of black berries, blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and black cherry and, when swirled, there are dry hints of red grapefruit, salty liquorice and a light background of fresh grass. Finally, the attack on the palate is fresh and lively with black berry aromas and a slight touch of cassis. The palate is silky, marked by the characteristic nuances of graciano.

As lunch or dinner progresses, it is time to enjoy hearty dishes. For these, we opt for Selección Privada. A selection of grapes from Tempranillo vineyards over 70 years old, subjected to meticulous viticulture so that their yield does not exceed 2,500 kg/ha. The quality of the vines is expressed in the variety of this wine, made in tank with the “Pisage” system and aged in extra fine grain barrels.

Meat and big game will be the perfect accompaniment for this wine of a bright red colour with violet tones and high robe, from which emerge salty and spicy tones (pepper, sandalwood, clove) and roasted notes, with a very powerful presence in the mouth, with a lot of fruit and expressiveness, and a silky passage, but at the same time balanced with ripe and elegant tannins, complex fruits and roasted and fine roasted notes.

And for the last recommendation, perhaps the most special because of what it means to our family: Las Laderas de José Luis Viñedo Singular. A plot that has belonged to the Berzal family since time immemorial, privileged by its soil, structure and orientation, which provides the Tempranillo grapes of its vines with exceptional conditions. A singular wine in colour: cherry red, well covered and with a very intense rim, with a high intensity of aromas on the nose, with lots of red fruit reminiscent of blackcurrant, pomegranate and cherry, finishing in a roasted finish, and on the palate juicy tannins of red fruit such as cherry and pomegranate, with good acidity giving freshness and weight. For a sublime gastronomic experience, it goes well with: small game and feathered game, mushrooms, pink meats, duck, cheeses…

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Bodegas Dominio de Berzal is made up of three brothers -José Luis, Íñigo and Juan Mari Berzal- who come from a family whose winemaking origins date back to 1958. Since then, many Christmases have passed, but in the best moments of all of them we always remember to have a glass of wine to toast with. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy 2023.